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30 % SILK

- off-white
Long-sleeved shirt, V-neck, women's
Sleeveless  shirt, V-neck, women's
Leggings, women's
Long-sleeved shirt, unisex
Short-sleeved shirt, unisex
Sleeveles shirt, unisex
Underpants, men's

- black
Long-sleeved shirt, unisex
Sort-sleeved shirt, unisex
Sleeveless shirt, unisex
Leggings, women's
Underpants, men's
Short underpants, unisex

* a lovely combination of the softest
merino wool and smooth and nurturing real silk
* feels good on the skin
* warms just enough
* comfortably thin
* breathes freely and does not make you sweat

Silk wool - clothes that make you feel good

Ruskovilla's silk wool garments are made of a mixture of real silk and soft merino wool. Silk wool combines the best characteristics of both of these natural fibres: it warms and feels comfortably soft against your skin.

Silk wool garments are suitable to wear under your everyday clothing as well at home as outdoors. It is not recommended to wear silk wool garments for sweaty sport activities, as excessive sweating combined with mechanical movements  may cause the garment to filt.

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