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* off-white, blue, red, green and black
* the softest wool of all
* feels good on the skin
* pleasantly flexible
* warms comfortably
* breathes and does not make you sweat
* absorbs moisture without feeling wet
* keeps you warm even when moist
* neutralizes body odour
* airing helps to remove odours
* is fireproof
* is suitable for machine wash with delicate wool and hand-wash programs

Skin-friendly wool

Ruskovilla uses only the softest wool for its clothes: merino wool with fibre thickness less than 20 microns. Thanks to its smoothness, merino wool never itches. It feels good on the skin and therefore can also be used by those who believe to be allergic to wool. Ruskovilla´s merino wool clothes are worthwhile to try, they might be quite a suprise.

Note!  Wool used by Ruskovilla is pure and natural, it has no moth protection or non-felting treatment.

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