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Breast warmers, wool and silk
Bra protectors, ecological cotton

For breast protection, Ruskovilla has designed soft woollen and silk breast warmers and bra protectors made of ecological cotton, which help to take care of breasts. Milk-filled breasts are sensitive to cold, wind and draft. Moist nipples should be protected throughout the entire time of nursing and kept warm to avoid painful breast infection.

Breast warmers

One side of breast warmers with double function is made of soft wool that, thanks to the unique ability of wool to absorb moisture, warms the breasts even when wet. The other side is made of nurturing silk that relieves skin irritation and  is gentle to delicate nipples. Breast warmers are slipped inside the bra. They are flexible enough to adapt to the size of the breast and large enough to cover the entire breast.

It is recommended to have two pairs. They are washed by hand with wool washing liquid and dried at room temperature. It takes a couple of hours for them to dry.

In freezing weather, you can also protect your breasts with our elastic woollen waist warmer.

Bra protectors

Breasts can leak milk between nursing in all kinds of different situations. Bra protectors absorb the leaking milk and protect both the nipples and the clothes. Breathable ecological cotton feels good against sensitive nipples. Disposable bra protectors are often too tight and may even cause breasts to sweat. Cotton bra protectors stay hygienic when machine-washed at 60-90 C. They can be sterilised by ironing at temperature suitable for cotton. If you need bra protectors regularly, it is enough to have 5-8 pairs of them.

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