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Pillows, Duvets, Mattress overlays

Filling 100 % organic wool
Cover material 100 % organic cotton

* Pillows
   Children's size 35 x 45 cm
   Adult's size 45 x 55 cm

* Duvets
   Children's size 120 x 150 cm
   Adult's size 150 x 205 cm

* Mattress overlays
   Adult's size 80 x 200 cm

Our bedclothes are also available in custom sizes in 5 cm increments. Please contact our customer service for prices and delivery time. Delivery only directly from our factory.

From patches into a duvet, ecologically

Bedclothes with wool wadding are part of our ecological production process. Our cutting room produces wool patches and we don't through them away, instead they are shredded and scribbled into filling wool. Ruskovilla pillows, duvets and mattress overlays are covered with dense organic cotton cloth. 

Airing and light brushing is sufficient for cleaning these natural bedclothes. Cold helps against the house dust mites. Stains can be removed with gall soap and a damp sponge.

SILK DUVETS  (Made in Austria)
Filling 100 % silk wadding
Cover material 100 % dense cotton cloth
Sizes 150 x 200 and 200 x 200
(baby size 80 x 100 cm)

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