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Moths protection


All organic matter gradually returns to the circle of nature. Our environment is swarming with nature’s tiny 'helpers', which are indispensable decomposers, pollinators and objects of nourishment from the aspect of nature. However, some of these are rather bothersome creatures when straying to human abodes, especially moths and fur beetles, the larva of which use the keratin protein in wool for their principal source of nutrition.

Ruskovilla woollen garments are not protected against moths, since moth repellents are harmful to the health of people.


The clothes moth is a small, one-colour, slightly golden yellowish brown butterfly with a head the colour of deep rust brown. Clothes moths have spread all over the world alongside  humans. In cities they mostly live in the nests of domesticated doves and other animals bred in buildings, but can nest also in peoples’ homes, especially if something they can feed on is available. They can breed several generations in a year. Flight is most numerous in spring and from the early summer when the sun starts to warm things up.


Adult fur beetles are smallish, almost hemispherical dark brown insects, whose bodies are covered by fine and thick hair. In Finland fur beetles occur only in heated premises, such as apartments and storerooms. An adult fur beetle eats nothing and can be encountered around the year. They fly well, which contributes to their spreading, for example, in apartment buildings. Adult beetles seek light, and can often be found on window-sills. Fur beetles breed three to four generations in a year. In woollen clothes the larvae eat irregular holes, which are often close together.

Source: publication Rohmut ja Riesat by the Finnish Museum Association, 2005.


Store in a plastic bag:

When a woollen garment is no longer in continuous use, it would be good to store it in a tight plastic bag (such as the bag into which the product was initially packaged).


Freezing (in summer) and placing into a cold environment (-20 ºC) is an efficient deterrent, resulting in the death of all individuals from eggs to adults.


Moths and beetles can be deterred successfully by placing cedarwood discs in the wardrobe. The wood’s cedar oil, with its pleasant smell, functions as a natural non-toxic moth repellent. With its fresh smell red cedar also repels fur beetles, silver fish, cockroaches, fleas and ants.


Glue trap for clothes moths
Contains: 1 glue pad with integrated attracting substance (pheromone)
Effective duration: 12 weeks from opening the protective package.

The attractant vaporises into the air, disperses in the environment and lures male moths who are seeking mates and are then caught in the glue trap. This prevents the fertilisation of female moths and the number of moths continuously decreases.

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