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Cookies and online analytics

Why do you use cookies and gather user data?

Cookies are small text files that the browser sends to your device when visiting a website.
They are used to enable websites functionalities and improve user experience.
In addition, we also gather visitor data as well as utilize pixels to better target our
advertising. This data is anonymous and doesn’t violate user’s privacy.
If you don’t want to use cookies you can block them with your browser settings. However,
blocking them will have significant impact on the usability of the website.

How is the information used on 3 rd -party services?

One reason to utilize cookies is to better customize advertising on various commercial
platforms such as those owned by Google and Facebook. This information is anonymous and
based on your actions on our website. With this data advertisement can be better targeted
and measured.
We also use Google Analytics to analyze our website visitors. With this data we can for
example see where visitors come to your website and which pages interest visitors. With
this information we can develop our website to be more user-friendly and better serve

What if I don’t want to accept cookies and other data gathering?

You can also use our site without allowing cookies, but it will have a significant impact on
usability and completing the shopping process won’t be possible.
If you wish that we don’t store any information, please leave the page and remove all cookie
data stored.