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Chair Pad

37.50 €    

Colour: pebble

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Long-haired gray sheepskin rug cover for chairs.

Size appr. 35x35 cm. The shade of the grey varies depending on the direction of the hair.

Our mulesing-free sheepskins are water-washable and come from a trusted partner in New Zealand. Only organic substances, such as antibacterial essential oils, have been used to process them. In addition, the lambskins have been protected with a sanitized treatment to ensure no bacteria, fungi or odors develop.

Our mulesing-free sheepskin rugs come from a trusted partner in New Zealand

The rugs are a byproduct of the Quality Assured Farms' free range meat farming system

The QAF program sets standards for animal welfare in nutrition, health care and freedom to express normal behaviour etc.

The sheep were kept in outside enclosures and were fed with fresh grass which ensures the high quality of the rugs

Out rugs are especially suited as extra warmth or underlays for babies: a German study has shown strong indicators that the microbiome in the rugs can prevent the baby from developing asthma

The rugs are tanned in Napier New Zealand

The rugs are treated with a method that is organic, chrome-free and no harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or arsenic are used

The rugs get a permanent hygiene treatment (Sanitized) to ensure no bacteria, fungi or odours develop

Finally, a wash with tea tree and lemon myrtle oils is used to further protect from bacteria and allergens

The products are stored and shipped from Artjärvi Finland

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