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Flocky yarn, 100% wool

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Tehty Suomessa. Made in Finland.

100 % wool



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Flocky yarn for making diaper pants and other baby clothes. One ball has 100g of yarn. 100% off-white soft flocky yarn has no twist and undyed yarn is usually softer than dyed. The package also includes instructions for making several different nappy pants as well as a beanie and booties. The average yarn consumption: diaper pants 100g, beanie 50g and booties 50g. Knitting needle size 4-5. Pure wool keeps you warm even when damp, neutralizes odours and doesn’t require frequent washing. Wool with no synthetics mixed in is also a fire-resistant material that returns to nature at the end of its life cycle. Made in Finland.
Our certified and mulesing-free organic merino wool comes from Argentina and Uruguay

The merino wool used is up to seven time finer than the wool from Finnish sheep and therefore feels pleasant against skin

Wool’s excellent insulation qualities are due to wool’s wavy structure

Pure wool breaths and keeps you warm even when moist

Wool is a fire-resistant material

At the end of its lifecycle 100% wool returns back to nature
Our organic wool is knitted in Finland

Different tones are created using safe reactive dyes without chrome dyes or heavy metal salts

The products are made and packed by Ruskovilla’s own professionals in Artjärvi Finland

The products are not finished with repellents harmful to humans or nature

The surplus wool swathes are a part of our ecological production: white wool is carded for duvet and pillow filling and colorful wool gets used in other manufacturing companies for making oil absorbent rugs and parquet underlays

All our products are manufactured using 100% renewable energy, and we utilize renewable geothermal heat in keeping our manufacturing, storage and production facilities warm

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