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Fabric patches, silk wool

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Tehty Suomessa. Made in Finland.

100 % mulesing-free organic silk wool, 160g/m2

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Using silk wool Fab Patches makes it easy and fast to mend thinning fabric and holes. Elastic black and white Fab Patches are developed in co-operation with Finnish FabPatch Ltd, and due to their adhesive surface, they are easy to attach by rubbing. One package includes two 75 x 100 mm and two 50 x 50 mm patches. The best time to use a Fab Patch is when the knit it thinning out prior to an actual hole. After mending wait for 3 days before using the product. Mild fraying during use is a product feature. Also the light patch might absorb color from darker textiles. Certified organic silk wool includes 30% silk and 70% wool and combines the best of both materials: silk’s smoothens and wool’s warmth. Made in Finland. See the product packaging for more detailed instructions.
If properly applied, the Fab Patch will withstand washing on many types of textiles

However, allow at least three days before the first wash so that the adhesive will have time to stick in place: the longer you wait before the first wash and between washings, the more firmly fab patch will adhere

You can wash the garments at 30 degrees

Do not dry clean or use detergents containing fabric softeners

Avoid bleach, stain remover, fabric softeners, gall soap, laundry vinegar and washing new clothes in the same load: they all can harm patch's adhesive

Be sure to match the washing instructions of the fab patch and your garment

Mild fraying is a product feature
The adhesive used meets EU's Reach certificate requirements and does not contain hazardous substances harmful to health or the environment

Organic silk (30%) is grown in China and organic wool (70%) Is grown in Argentina and Uruguay

Silk wool combines wool’s warmth and silk’s smoothness for year-around use

Both materials keep you cool when warm and warm up in the cold weather and can absorb moisture without feeling wet

Pure natural fibers are flexible and breath even in warm weather

Due to its thin structure the material is well-suited for active everyday life but won’t tolerate heavy rubbing and sweating without felting

At the end of their lifecycle 100% wool and 100% silk return back to nature
Designed and manufactured in Finland

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