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Metsä products (Re-Connecting Nature)

Metsä products contain beneficial forest microbes

Ruskovilla has launched first in the world an innovative textile collection with added natural forest microbes. Metsä (Forest) underwear and accessories contain Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract, which contains safe, diverse and beneficial natural microbes.

A joint research project between Finnish and international universities, ADELE, has proven that early age exposure to rich biodiversity is connected to lower levels of autoimmune diseases such as allergy, asthma and type 1 diabetes.

Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract is an innovation born out of the ADELE research project. It contains an optimal mix of natural microbes found in forests and nature. The extract has been created by the Finnish company Uute Scientific Oy. An immune response has been proven on the microbe extract users and previously the extract has been successfully added to e.g. cosmetics. 

Finnish innovation to Finnish underwear

Adding Re-Connecting Nature®microbe extract to textiles is a completely new innovation. Uute Scientific Oy and Ruskovilla Oy implemented joint research, that examined how efficiently the bacteria from microbe extract can be transferred to a silk wool knit, and for how long the bacteria will keep in clothes. The results show that the bacteria transferred well to silk wool fibers and held in it for several washes, although the diversity and the number of species descended slowly after washes.

“When the research started, the Metsä shirt contained hundreds of different bacteria species that can be found in the nature. After three washes over the half of bacteria were still there, and even after six washes the product contained small amounts of different bacteria species.” Ruskovilla’s CEO Ossi Näkki sums up the research results.

The underwear and accessories of Metsä collection are made of organic silk wool, which can be used all year. Due to its smooth surface, silk wool is also suitable for sensitive skin and for babies. The babies Metsä products can be used from two months up. The process that transfers Re-Connecting Nature™ microbe extract to textiles has been scientifically proven, and the benefits of the extract stay also in long term use.  All Metsä products are hand made in Artjärvi, Finland.

Exposure to nature’s good microbes is now possible all year round, also in cities

Autoimmune diseases are one of world’s fastest-growing illness types and it is often proposed that the sterile Western lifestyle estranged from nature might be one of the main causes. Decreasing of nature diversity, ageing of population and rapid urbanisation are megatrends, that reduce our possibilities to expose to nature’s useful microbes. It is nearly impossible to nurture regular nature connection in modern cities. Underwear covers a large part of our skin and it is also worn during the winter months when microbe exposure in the icy and snow-covered nature is otherwise impossible.

- We have been exporting our products for decades and additionally we also serve consumers globally via our online shop. We can already say that in addition to Finland the products will also have demand in large cities where the inhabitants have significantly less exposure to nature, says Mr. Näkki on the market potential of Metsä products.

Have a look at Metsä underwear and accessories for babieschildren and adults.