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Pest prevention

Tässä kerromme miten suojata vaatteitasi koilta

How to protect textiles from invisible pests 

Moths and carpet beetles are powerful destroyers of wool clothes that have spread to human dwellings, including new apartment blocks. Unfortunately, they cannot be driven away by cleaning, for example, and often their presence is not noticed until the first holes have already appeared in wool clothes. A moth leaves a round hole, while carpet beetles leave behind irregularly shaped holes close to each other. 
Most wool products sold are treated with a chemical moth protection treatment. It is hazardous to the well-being of both nature and people, with the chemicals passing into the body through skin and the respiratory tract. Because organic standards prohibit the use of moth protection agents, they are not used in any Ruskovilla products that contain wool. 
Safe ways of protecting wool clothes
Most commercially available moth prevention products are toxic if they end up in the mouths of children or animals, and they are not permitted to be used in the vicinity of pregnant women. In addition, they can cause strong skin and eye irritation. Fortunately, there are also gentler ways of getting rid of pests. 
1. Store airtight
When wool clothes are not regularly used, they should be stored in the original or another airtight plastic bag.
2. Freeze, if necessary
A few hours in freezing temperatures below -20°C will kill both eggs and adult pests 
3. Hang red cedar rings
Red cedar has oil that naturally keeps pests away, and red cedar rings also smell good 
4. Use a safe glue trap
A volatile pheromone attracts male moths looking to mate into a moth trap box where they are trapped in glue, and the next generation of moths will therefore not be born.

Red Cedar Rings  Moth trap