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Ecological production in Finland

Ruskovilla products are made and sewn in Finland

Ecology and high ethics have always been at the heart of our operations

When Anneli Wahlsten and Mauno Mattsson founded Ruskovilla in the early 1980’s they had the principle that clothing manufacturing should be done in a way that is least harmful for the well-being of both humans and nature. Having moved from a city to the countryside and already running an organic farm at the time they saw and appreciated the careful balance that occurs in the nature and wanted to maintain that. 

All of the material we currently use have been granted an organic raw material certificate. This means for example that the richness of the soil and ecosystem has to be maintained by utilizing crop rotation and avoiding monoculture. The use of chemical and other harmful substances during the possible dyeing and finishing processes is very limited and there are also strict rules for socially responsible manufacturing. The absence of any substances harmful to nature means that the products are also safe for us humans.

Ruskovilla products are handmade according to organic principles

The products sewn by our skillful professionals in Artjärvi 

To ensure our high-quality standards we have never wanted to outsource our clothing manufacturing but instead made it transparent. Our trained staff working in the Artjärvi old dairy is being paid on a monthly basis instead by piecework in order to make sure that everyone has time to finish the products carefully. 

We have visited most of our material providers personally as well as paid close attention when choosing our suppliers for the selected items we don’t produce ourselves. All but few of the products we resell have been manufactured in Europe.

Ruskovilla's own seamstresses work in Artjärvi Finland

Every swatch is utilized

Circular economy has been part of our way of working before the term was even invented. As nature has been through so much in order to produce these precious fibers nothing should go to waste. For example, any undyed wool scrap left over from making our clothes and accessories is carded into duvet filling and all dyed scrap can be reused to produce rugs for industrial use. Our partners in this are Finnish companies Laatupeite, Dafecor and Pirtin Kehräämö

We also encourage our customers to wash and maintain their garments carefully. At the end of their lifecycle all 100% natural fibers will decompose and return back to nature.

Ruskovilla's manufacturing is set out according to the circular economy principles