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Silk - wash and care

How to wash silk clothes

How to take care of Ruskovilla’s silk products

Below we tell general wash and care instructions. Always check in instructions on the size label as well as on the product packaging in order to take care of your product properly.

Our certified organic silk comes from the mountains of Central China out of the very few farms producing organic silk today. With its long fibers our filament silk is the most luxurious underwear material. Its smooth structure is similar to skin and hair. More durable than its reputation, with right care silk is a long-lasting fiber even in daily use.


Silk shouldn't be stored dirty, but to wash as soon as possible after use. Our products don’t contain any harmful finishes and no washing is required before first use. Silk benefits from regular airing away from direct sunlight, rain and heat source. It is recommended to avoid any direct contact between silk and cosmetics, such as deodorant and perfume, whenever possible. If airing doesn’t remove smells, there is dirt on silk or clothing has been used for a longer period of time, it is time to wash your silk item.

Silk can be washed either by hand or using a 30°C hand or wool wash program with a very gentle spin. We recommend Sonett’s conditioning wool and silk washing liquid and Sonett’s gall soap for stain removal. Do not use any synthetic washing detergents containing bleach or enzymes as they damage silk.

Silk items can’t be tumble dried. After hand washing any extra water can be removed by example rolling the silk item inside a thick terrycloth towel. Do not twist as stretched when wet silk wool loses its shape. Carefully smooth into shape when moist and dry flat away from direct sunlight or heat source. If silk requires ironing turn the item inside out and iron when the silk is still damp. Carefully follow the instructions on the right temperature given in the size label.


Silk items can be stored either in a coat hanger or folded. The best way to maintain your silk product is to store it in a cool, dry and airy space. For long-term storage we recommend the original air-tight product bag, but the silk item needs to be completely dry before sealing the bag. Sometimes clothes can draw clothes moths and other pests to them. This can be prevented by using red cedar rings but avoid any direct contact between silk and cedar oil.  

How to wash your silk products How to take care of your organic silk products How to wash your Ruskovilla silk products