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Silk wool - wash and care

How to wash silk wool products

How to take care of Ruskovilla’s silk wool products

Below we tell general wash and care instructions. Always check in instructions on the size label as well as on the product packaging in order to take care of your product properly.

Our soft and stretchy certified organic silk wool consists of 70% organic merino wool from Argentina and Uruguay and 30% organic silk from China. It’s a thin underwear fiber combining wool’s warmth and silk’s smoothness. It doesn’t bear well the combination of moisture and hard rubbing and therefore we don’t recommend it for any heavy exercising.


Our products don’t contain any harmful finishes and no washing is required before first use. Greasiness and curly structure are some of wool’s basic qualities due to which it also repels dirt, odors and moisture. Therefore, the primary cleaning method for silk wool is airing it away from direct sunlight or rain and away from any heat source. Especially little bit of moisture is good for silk wool so airing it in the bathroom after shower or outside after rain is recommended. If this is not enough to remove dirt and smells, it’s time to wash the silk wool product.

Silk wool can be washed either by hand or using a 30°C hand or wool wash program with a very gentle spin. We recommend Sonett’s conditioning wool and silk washing liquid and Sonett’s gall soap for stain removal. Do not use any synthetic washing detergents containing bleach or enzymes as they wash away wool fat and make silk wool fibers brittle.

Silk wool items can’t be tumble dried. After hand washing any extra water can be removed by example rolling the wool item inside a thick terrycloth towel. Do not twist as stretched when wet silk wool loses its shape. Carefully smooth into shape when moist and dry flat away from direct sunlight or heat source.


Our silk wool products have not been treated with moth repellents which unfortunately makes them vulnerable to clothes moth and beetle damage. When your silk wool products are not in daily use, they should be stored in an airtight plastic bag away from direct sunlight. We also sell red cedar rings and moth traps that are a safe and natural way of protecting clothes.

Using a coat hanger as a long-term storage causes silk wool to stretch out so the primary storing method should be folding. Rubbing can cause some pilling that can be carefully removed using a wool comb or battery-operated lint remover while tightly stretching out the fabric over an ironing board or similar hard surface. An ample use of lint remover can cause thinning of the silk wool knit and should be therefore done only when necessary.  

How to wash Ruskovilla's silk wool products How to care for Ruskovilla's organic silk wool products Wash instructions for Ruskovilla's organic silk wool products