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Our natural fibers

Ruskovilla uses only GOTS certified organic fibres in their production

Nature is our best product developer

Skin is our largest organ and via its two-way pores for example all the chemical particles in our clothing can enter our bodies. Therefore, it’s not indifferent what we put on our skin. 

From the beginning we at Ruskovilla have believed that natural fibers are the best thing we can offer to our skin. For millennia mother nature has been our most important product developer and created each natural fiber its unique features for different uses. 

The wool, silk and cotton we use in our clothes, accessories and bedding are all certified organic. Our materials come from long-term responsible suppliers, and in order to gain their certificate they have to take excellent care of not only nature but also their workers. We on the other hand treat the fibers as little as possible: the dyeing processes takes place in a closed system with the use of reactive dyes, and we leave out the moth protection treatments harmful for both humans and nature. 

Below we shortly tell about each of the natural fibers we use. More detailed sourcing and production information of each product is available at our web shop.

Ruskovilla uses GOTS certified organic merino wool

Wool – Warmth developed by sheep

The mulesing-free merino wool we use comes from trustworthy suppliers in Argentina and Uruguay. Smooth and non-itching merino wool comes only from a specific sheep breed as well as from the fine bottom layer of wool. From our experience the highest quality wool best suited for underwear material is certified organic merino wool which has long fibers, is seven times thinner than the wool from Finnish sheep and comes from the specific region in South America.

The sheep, who have for millennia lived in vastly different living and weather conditions, have taken care of product development process for us. Us humans can also benefit from the fact that wool keeps you warm in the cool climate and feels cool during warm weather. All this is thanks to the curly texture of the fiber.

In addition, wool can also absorb moisture, such as sweat or rain, up to 30% of its weight without feeling wet. Its surface is naturally dirt-repellent and it neutralizes odors such as sweat which are all important features when choosing clothing for active life. Compared to synthetic fibers wool is also very fire safe.

Because the well-being of your skin and therefore your entire body is important to us, we treat our wool carefully. The dyeing processes takes place in a closed system with the use of reactive dyes. Therefore, we don’t need to use chrom dyes or heavy metal salts and no dye residue comes against your skin. We also leave out the moth protection treatments harmful for both humans and nature.

Out of merino wool we sew a wide selection of clothing and accessories for the entire family, use it felted to make our wool fleece products, make middle nappies and card it to make filling for our duvets, pillows and mattress overlays.

Ruskovilla uses GOTS certified organic silk

Silk – Smooth enough for the emperors

We are proud to tell that we were the first to introduce clothes made out of certified organic silk to the Nordic market. The silk we use comes from Central China from an organic silk farm located in the Sichuan province. For millennia the mountain slopes have been used to manufacture silk according to the age-old traditions of diverse cultivation culture and handicraft-intensive labor.

Silk is produced by mulberry leavers eating bombyx mori. Compared to regular mass production silk organic silk differs mainly due to its high quality: after eating the organically farmed mulberry leaves a single caterpillar can produce up to 1 500 meters of uninterrupted and high-quality filament silk. Out of this filament silk Ruskovilla makes its organic silk clothing.

Silks light and breathable protein fibers are similar to human skin and therefore it feels extremely pleasant to wear. Due to the smooth structure it is well-suited for people with allergies or sensitive skin who can’t wear other materials. Silk also evens out temperature differences and can soak up moisture without feeling wet.

Organic silk production is handicraft-intensive and includes many steps. The bombyx mori caterpillars spin a cocoon around them out of thin silk thread. The cocoons are then collected by hand, brushed to remove the fragmented outer layer and after that the up to 1,5 km long uninterrupted silk thread is reeled. According to the organic manufacturing principles also other plants besides mulberry trees are grown in crop rotation around the farm, and the farm workers are taken care of so that they have a safe, equal and just working environment.

Our of organic silk we sew underwear and head wear for the entire family.

Ruskovilla uses GOTS certified organic silk wool

Silkwool – The best qualities of silk and wool

Our silkwool combines 70% organic merino wool and 30% natural silk. Our long-fibered merino wool comes from Argentina and Uruguay and our smooth silk from China.

Both materials are good at evening out temperature differences: silkwool is cool in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter. Thinner than our 100% merino wool silkwool is excellent for wearing all year around. Both silk and wool can absorb moisture without feeling wet.

Out of silkwool to sew underwear for the entire family. It’s an ideal material for lounging and light activities but due to its thin structure it’s not recommended to be worn during heavy exercising.

Ruskovilla uses GOTS certified organic cotton

Cotton – Cool and durable plant fiber

Our certified and hand-picked organic cotton comes from India. The cotton in knitted in Finland and finished with soap wash.

Cotton is cool and breathable. Due to its smooth structure unbleached and undyed cotton is especially well-suited for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Cotton is very durable, and it can be washed regularly in high temperatures. It also absorbs moisture.

Out of cotton we sew underwear and clothes for babies and children. In addition, we use cotton for example in our pillows and duvets, waddling cloths and flannel nappies.