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Wash and care

Ruskovilla's ecological washing liquids and other care products

Multiply products’ lifespan with right care

Nature has gone into great lengths to produce us the amazing natural fibers. Raw material production and the high quality of products are important factors from the viewpoint of product longevity and ecology, but the end-used also has a big responsibility: with the right wash and care our product’s lifespan is decades. 

We give a more detailed care instructions for each material and product in our web shop. In addition, the key information can be found in the labels in our clothes as well as in the sales packaging for most of our clothes.

How to wash your Ruskovilla wool, silk and silkwool products

Airing to delay washing

A rule of thumb is that natural fibers, wool and silk in particular, have many self-cleaning properties. Therefore, airing is often enough to keep the product fresh and prolongs the need for washing. Loose hair and dirt can be removed using a clothes brush. Any pilling from wool clothes can be removed using a hand-operated wool comb, but extra-attention must be paid when using any battery-operated pill-removers. They can break fibers, and due to their fine structure especially silk, silkwool and cotton can’t handle the machine’s rough treatment.

As well as all other products also our products should be washed using bio-degradable washing liquids. For stain-removal we recommend gall soap that is safe for both humans and nature. Using a dryer is unecological for both energy consumption’s and product’s lifespan’s point of view. 

Unharmful protection from pests

Moths and other pests are a nuisance even in our modern homes. The biggest problem is that their presence can’t be spotted before there are holes in the clothes. Over the years various clothing finishes have been created for evicting any pests. The problem is they are very harmful for both humans and nature alike. From the clothes the harmful poisons move into our bodies via skin and respiratory organs. Luckily there are safer ways to deal with the issue, such as red cedar rings, moth traps and moth locks. The easiest way to keep you clothes hole-free is to storage them in sealed plastic bags when not daily in use.