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Gift cards

How to buy and use gift cards

Buying a gift card

1. You can buy gift cards in Ruskovilla's webshop together with other products or separately without other products in the order.

2. Pay your order with online payment. Please make sure to return to Ruskovilla webshop after the payment in order for the payment to be registered correctly. You will also receive an email receipt of you payment. You will find gift card details and links for downloading your gift cards in the email.

Registered customers will see the details and download links also on 'Your account' page.

3. You can download and save the gift cards in pdf format and print or forward them to a person you want.

You may also give the gift card information by other means. Necessary information is 8 characters long gift card check and two-part 8 characters long gift card identifier.


Using a gift card

1. Register and/or login to Ruskovilla webshop.

2. Register the gift card you have received on 'Your account' page.

Card balance of the card will now show also on 'Your account' page.

3. Place your order as usual. Before order confirmation you may choose to use your gift card balance for the payment.

If the balance does not cover the sum of the order in total, the remaining sum is paid with online payment. The balance is deducted only after a succesful order and the remaining balance, if any, may be used with your next order.

Gift cards are valid 12 months from the purchase date.

Gift cards can not be exchanged back into money.

Gift cards are accepted as means of payment only in Ruskovilla's webshop.