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Tested in extreme conditions

Ruskovilla's products are suitable for extreme conditions

From polar glaciers and mountain tops to under uniforms

For decades Ruskovilla has been the favorite of not only weekend campers but many expeditions set out to extreme conditions. Ruskovilla has been worn while skiing at Svalbard and across Greenland, horse-back riding across Asia, doing scientific research at the Antarctica as well as climbing up El Capitan and Denali.

In demanding circumstances, the right product choices really matter, because nobody wants to risk their lives while testing whether a product works or not. Organic wool has many beneficial qualities: due to its curly structure it insulates warmth well, it’s warm even when wet and it allows you to move freely. Natural qualities of wool are that it repels dirt and neutralizes odors such as perspiration making in ideal for both long expeditions as well as in everyday use. Compared to synthetic fibers wool is fire-resistant which is an important feature with open fire.

The superior qualities of natural fibers are combined with product development made in co-operation with our customers. For example, our 100% certified organic merino wool outdoor shirt and pants have:

- No rubbing shoulder seams
- A high-rise protective collar with a wind-flap under the zipper
- Extra-long sleeves with thumbholes
- Extended rear hem
- Adjustable rubber waistband
- Additional double-layer reinforcements on knees and gusset
- Rib-knitted lower legs

These Finland-made products have found their way to many army units and rescue forces workers as well as film-crews around the world. Not to mention the hundreds of police officers, security guards, fishermen and builders who wear their Ruskovilla overalls under their uniforms every day.

Photo: Tapio Rinne/Halki Grönlannin 2019 / Across Greenland 2019 expedition