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Metsä: adult's sleeveless undershirt

90.00 €    

Tehty Suomessa. Made in Finland.

100 % mulesing-free organic silk wool, 160g/m2
Contains Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract

Colour: forest

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Studies show that exposure to rich biodiversity is connected to lower levels of autoimmune diseases such as allergy, asthma and type 1 diabetes. Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract contains microbial diversity from natural environments such as forests (metsä in Finnish). As the first company in the world Ruskovilla has managed to to add Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract to its clothes and accessories. Unisex shirt with an O neck with Re-Connecting Nature® microbe extract. A sleeveless shirt with silk wool binding around the neckline and armholes. The microbe extract is added to the silk wool knit during the manufacturing process. The extract might be spread unevenly which might also show in the knit as a slightly uneven coloring. In order to enlongate the good effects of the extract wear the items as much as possible, air to clean and wash when needed (please use Sonett’s Silk and wool washing liquid and gently wash by hand). Using undyed organic silk wool means that the clothes and accessories are suitable to most users. Certified organic silk wool includes 30% silk and 70% wool and combines the best of both materials: silk’s smoothens and wool’s warmth. The thin material is breathable and elastic and offers additional warmth when worn under or over other clothes. Hand-made in Artjärvi Finland. No washing required before use. Ladies: due to unisex sizing choose a one size smaller than what you would normally wear.
No washing required before first use

Airing keeps silkwool fresh longer and delays the need for washing

Our silkwool products have not been treated with moth-proofing chemicals, so please protect the product from moths and other insects. Store silk wool products in a tight plastic bag when they are not in regular use. How to protect woollen clothes from pests

We recommend hand washing for first three times. After that, wash preferably by hand or by using the 30 Celsius degree using a biodegradable wool washing detergent

We recommend the Sonett wool and silk washing liquid for washing and Sonett gall soap for stain removal

Smooth into shape when wet

No not let dry in direct sunlight or near a heating device
Silk (30%) is grown in China and organic merino wool (70%) Is grown in Argentina and Uruguay

Silkwool combines wool’s warmth and silk’s smoothness for year-around use

Both materials keep you cool when warm and warm up in the cold weather and can absorb moisture without feeling wet

Pure natural fibers are flexible and breath even in warm weather

Due to its thin structure the material is well-suited for active everyday life but won’t tolerate heavy rubbing and sweating without felting

At the end of their lifecycle 100% wool and 100% silk return back to nature
Silk manufacturing requires a lot of manual crafting, see details from Our natural fibers section

The products are made and packed by Ruskovilla’s own professionals in Artjärvi Finland

The products are not finished with repellents harmful to humans or nature

The surplus silk swathes are a part of our ecological production: together with wool they are spun into knitting yarn

All our products are manufactured using 100% renewable energy, and we utilize renewable geothermal heat in keeping our manufacturing, storage and production facilities warm
The silk wool shirt and pants were a positive suprise for me since as an allergic person with sensitive skin I haven't been able to wear many wool clothes.

-Tuuli, Finland

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