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OUTLET Tube Scarf, slim, wool fleece

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Tehty Suomessa. Made in Finland.

100 % mulesing-free organic merino wool, 300g/m2

Colour: braun

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Warm tube scarf made of soft wool fleece, slim fit

The size of the scarf is approximately 36 x 42 cm

This versatile scarf protects the neck and chin, making it perfect for outdoor activities in cold weather. The tube scarf is made of luxurious merino wool fleece, which is brushed superbly soft on both sides so it doesn't itch, providing a pleasant feel against bare skin.

Wool fleece is made of 100% organic merino wool, making it a breathable and microplastic-free alternative to traditional synthetic fleece. Pure wool keeps you warm even when damp. Merino wool naturally neutralizes odours, reducing the need for frequent washing. Pure wool is also fire-resistant and returns to nature at the end of its life cycle.

Hand-made in Artjärvi, Finland. No need to wash before use
No washing is required before first use

Wool neutralizes odors and often airing is enough to keep wool clothes fresh

Wash wool fleece products with 30°C wool or hand wash setting, with a max spin speed of 800 rpm, using a biodegradable wool washing detergent

We recommend the Sonett wool and silk washing liquid for washing and Sonett gall soap for stain removal

Fleece is brushed wool knit and can shrink slightly in the first wash: smoothing the item back into shape after washing is very important

Our wool products have not been treated with moth-proofing chemicals, so please protect the wool product from moths and other insects. Store wool products in a tight plastic bag when they are not in regular use. How to protect woollen clothes from pests
Our certified and mulesing-free organic merino wool comes from Argentina and Uruguay

Certificate sets standards for good animal care in nutrition, protection and health care etc.

The sheep are grazing free year around excluding the annual shearing procedure and local authorities train and monitor professional shearers

Wool fleece is 100% natural product: it contains no microplastics

Wool’s excellent insulation qualities are due to wool’s wavy structure

Pure wool breaths and keeps you warm even when moist

Wool is a fire-resistant material

At the end of its lifecycle 100% wool returns back to nature
Our organic wool fleece is knitted in Germany

Different tones are created using safe reactive dyes without chrome dyes or heavy metal salts

The products are made and packed by Ruskovilla’s own professionals in Artjärvi Finland

The products are not finished with repellents harmful to humans or nature

All our products are manufactured using 100% renewable energy, and we utilize renewable geothermal heat in keeping our manufacturing, storage and production facilities warm
I don’t know what spells you used to make these fleece products, but I’ve never seen merino wool this soft and it doesn’t make you itch at all.


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